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At KRM22, we believe in a world in which organisations operate at their optimal threshold of risk to drive increased returns. We develop outstanding products built and delivered through a Global Risk Platform, to bring increased visibility and lower cost risk management to capital market organisations.

We have built our business as a series of partnerships with our customers, investors, team and the wider community.


By providing an elite level of service, we want all of our customers to enjoy doing business with us and know they receive value for money.


We have built a highly motivated team, all focused on the company’s vision and values.


Our products and business model are designed to produce superior returns for all of our investors Community. No company is an island, and we aim to be an asset to our local and global community

What we do

We help capital markets companies reduce the cost and complexity of risk management.

Our Global Risk Platform provides applications to help you address your firm’s compliance, market, operations and technology risk challenges and to manage your entire enterprise risk profile.

Partner with us to optimise risk management systems and processes, improving profitability and expanding opportunities to increase portfolio returns by leveraging risk as alpha.

KRM22 is a public Group listed on AIM and headquartered in London, with offices in several of the world’s major financial centers.

A brief history

Founded in 2017, KRM22 has set out on a journey to change the way risk is managed in capital markets. The company made the unusual decision to list early on the AIM, providing a level of public oversight not seen in early stage start-ups.

The first year was spent building the company, both by growing the team and acquiring products to meet the strategic plan. These companies were not left to carry on, but integrated to ensure cohesion and a common purpose. This phase was followed by product integration and development in year two.

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We believe in a community of businesses, contributing to a new way of working. Below you can see the events our team are attending, and arrange to meet them if you need to talk to us.

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Featured blogs

Read our views on the world of risk management as it affects your organisation. Through these blogs, you can get to know our team of Subject Matter Experts and learn more about how we can help you achieve Risk as Alpha. Here are the latest three:

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