Global Broker Signs with KRM22 for At-Trade and Post-Trade


October 25, 2022

KRM22 is pleased to announce that a major global provider of broking and execution services headquartered in London, has selected KRM22 to deliver its suite of market risk products covering At-Trade P&L and Exchange Margin calculations, as well as Post-Trade Stress analysis.

Given recent global events and unprecedented market volatility, the demand for real-time risk controls that our products are uniquely positioned to deliver has grown significantly. Firms are looking to identify risks quickly using complimentary tools that address both immediate exposures but also help guard against the impact of potential future events too.

As a new member of the LME, the firm recognized the need to put in place stringent risk controls to protect against events such as the suspension of Nickel trading earlier this year. KRM22’s At-Trade P&L and Exchange Margin engine will allow them to evaluate P&L and margin requirements across multiple instruments and exchanges in real-time, viewing exposures by product, account, branch or for the firm globally to highlight risks that need to be addressed as a priority. Furthermore, KRM22’s Post-trade Stress tool will allow the anticipation and reaction to extreme volatility and predict future P&L outcomes by configuring and analyzing multiple “market shock” scenarios simultaneously. By combining P&L and margin calculations with stress analysis into highly configurable risk dashboards, they can address vulnerabilities quickly and protect future profitability of their customers and the firm.

Market volatility is not going away and it’s becoming apparent that our customers are overwhelmingly challenged by the need for more granular and frequent risk reports. KRM22’s Risk Cockpit, delivered in conjunction with the market risk product suite, will give the firm access to the business analytics and visualization tools needed to help extract valuable insights from both risk and operational data generated as their business grows. The Risk Cockpit provides invaluable input into an organisations internal and external reporting processes, providing a continual health-check on the business and the comfort management are looking for.

Dan Langley, KRM22 Business Development Manager, said “We are delighted to have been selected to deliver the market risk product suite to support this growing business. Deployed through our cloud hosted Global Risk Platform, we can deliver a broad set of functionality quickly while reducing the technology impact for our customers and enabling them to manage the risks facing their business with confidence”.