KRM22 Announce Stable-coin Market Abuse Surveillance


July 25, 2022

KRM22 is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with a trading platform operator offering stable coin-settled crypto options and futures, to deliver its suite of market surveillance tools for the monitoring of market abuse practices.

KRM22 Market Surveillance software provides a unique level of insight and context allowing customers to efficiently monitor their business and manage regulatory obligations with confidence. Key software features are transferable, from traditional capital markets to the crypto industry. Offering cloud hosted real-time processing, an extensive alerts library and integration with leading market data providers, to name a few.

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies has resulted in more intense regulatory scrutiny. Governmental and regulatory approaches to cryptocurrencies across the globe differ significantly, however, there is a significant increase in focus on crypto in EU regulation. Forward thinking firms are already pre-empting this focus by putting in place the processes and systems associated with traditional asset classes

Daniel Langley, KRM22 Business Development Manager, said “We are delighted to add another trading venue operator to our existing and growing KRM22 cryptocurrency and digital asset market surveillance community enabling KRM22 to continue to help cryptocurrency and digital asset firms to adopt and implement industry and regulatory standards for market surveillance.