KRM22 Announces Market Risk Expansion


September 28, 2022

KRM22 is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with a major futures broker to expand the use of KRM22’s suite of Market Risk products. Already a customer of the Post Trade Stress product, the broker will now integrate the Pre-trade Limits Management software.

This expansion is a demonstration of how KRM22’s Global Risk Platform can bring together previously segregated risk processes. KRM22’s Pre Trade Limits Management combats time-consuming and error-prone processes by maintaining ISV and Exchange trading limits in a centralized and easy-to-use application. Trade support, risk and credit managers, and external users can automate their limit management process, archive all activity for audit purposes as well as effortlessly maintain limit history reports.

KRM22 was chosen because of its track record in delivery and service through the Post-Trade Stress project during a time of extreme market volatility. KRM22 always strives to work in partnership with its customers, allowing them to onboard new tools with minimal friction.

Dave Zurkowski, Business Development Manager said; “KRM22 is delighted to expand the use of the Global Risk Platform. We have seen an increasing demand for tools that help protect against extreme market volatility and safeguard profitability in the current environment. Our Pre-Trade Limits Management tool does just that, by combining high quality data with advanced workflow features to ensure our customers are always prepared to respond to the unexpected”.