KRM22 Announces Partnership with Waymark Tech

KRM22 Announces Partnership with Waymark Tech


June 28, 2021

KRM22 has announced a partnership with Waymark Tech Ltd, to add Waymark’s Wayfinder product to KRM22’s Global Risk Platform.

A regulatory change management and obligations tracking solution, Wayfinder uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to provide complete horizon scanning of key regulatory changes from more than 2,500 global data sources.

The partnership will also facilitate collaboration on additional, innovative compliance services. Plans include a free-to-use regulatory change and enforcement actions news service, as well as a data-driven Regulatory Rulebook module withinKRM22’s Compliance Risk Cockpit.  

Keith Todd, CEO of KRM22, said, "I am very pleased we are announcing this new partnership with Waymark. Wayfinder is a great addition to the suite of risk management services we offer our customers, and it will help drive growth for our business.”

Mark Holmes, CEO of Waymark Tech, is also delighted that Waymark will be part ofKRM22’s Global Risk Platform. He said, “This partnership is another endorsement of our award-winning delivery of targeted regulatory content. We enjoy working with KRM22 and its customers and look to continue the relationship for many years to come.”

Learn more about our new partners at: Waymark Tech

 Waymark are hosting a webinar next month:

14th July 2021 | Compliance in the Age of Hybrid & Remote Working

To learn more and to register for the event, click here.