KRM22 Launches People and Culture Risk Cockpit

KRM22 Launches People and Culture Risk Cockpit


September 29, 2021

KRM22 are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, the People and Culture Risk Cockpit (PCRC), a risk management tool that enables Human Resources professionals to deliver all people and culture related elements of the organisations business strategy and vision.  

The PCRC offers real time data, identifying risks that could affect the delivery of initiatives, objectives, and strategic goals. It also allows them to track each of the processes in the Employee lifecycle and HR operations using specific risk metrics.

The system is bespoke and links to both existing risk management tools you may have in place such as risk registers and HR management systems, using an application programming interface (API). Following integration, the PCRC becomes the focal point, where data is turned into intelligence to support Human Resources in the successful delivery of the people and culture agenda.

Chris Cherrington, Head of People and Culture Risk said, “The PCRC revolutionises the way HR professionals manage risk. The fact that existing data can be transformed into a visual risk cockpit where the status of initiatives, HR processes and HR operations can all be seen makes analysing data simple and ensures truly proactive risk management.”

If you would like to know more about our new product, please contact Chris Cherrington (

Chris Cherrington is the Managing Director of Kintail Consulting - Home - Kintail Consulting