KRM22 partners with European based Regulator


March 30, 2022

KRM22 is pleased to announce that it has partnered with a European based regulator, implementing the KRM22 Market Surveillance product to monitor Market Abuse across equities and fixed income markets within its jurisdiction.

With an increasing number of trading platforms and a growing range of financial instruments being offered, trading is becoming more and more complex, increasing the volume of transactions that need to be monitored under European regulations like MiFID II and MAR.

Regulators face increased challenges monitoring these platforms that legacy systems can just not meet. KRM22’s market surveillance tools can manage comprehensive data collection, and have the sophisticated tools required for data analysis that the new regulations require. It is an honor to be able to demonstrate it live in this context.

The Regulator selected KRM22 as the vendor of choice following an extensive assessment process, and as part of a wider transformation program looking to further automate its investigative techniques. Our service went live in just a few weeks after system selection thanks to the efforts of a combined client and KRM22 project team who had the experience and fortitude to advance project priorities and meet the aggressive implementation plan.

Dan Langley, Head of European Business Development at KRM22 said: “This is just one of a series of European Regulators that will become part of our growing Surveillance community.  Working directly with local Regulators puts us at the forefront of a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and ensures we continue to maintain the highest levels of trust and safety within our solution”.

KRM22Market Surveillance software is used by regulators, exchanges, buy and sell side firms globally, to monitor for market abuse and to carry out a range of data analytics. Our service provides a unique level of insight and context allowing customers to efficiently monitor trading activity and detect regulatory breaches including those covered by European, US and Asian Regulations.


KRM22 is a closed-ended investment company which listed on AIM on 30 April 2018. The Company has been established with the objective of creating value for its investors through the investment in, and subsequent growth and development of, target companies in the technology and software sector, with a focus on risk management in capital markets.

Through its investments and the Global Risk Platform, KRM22 helps capital market companies reduce the cost and complexity of risk management. The Global Risk Platform provides applications to help address firms' market, compliance, operations, and technology risk challenges and to manage their entire enterprise risk profile.

Capital markets companies' partner with KRM22 to optimise risk management systems and processes, improving profitability and expanding opportunities to increase portfolio returns by leveraging risk as alpha. KRM22 plc is listed on AIM and the Group is headquartered in London, with offices in several of the world's major financial centers.

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