Trading Technologies acquires 25% of KRM22 and begins plans to distribute KRM22 products


January 30, 2022

In September of 2021, KRM22 announced progress in developing strategic alliances to better align our Global Risk Platform with key industry influencers.  

We observed that the business model governing the relationship between software technology companies and capital markets firms had been evolving rapidly and in order to meet these new demands, there needed to be a shift in where and how the systems integration burden falls.  

The burden of integrating professional risk management systems with high-speed trading applications would need to migrate from the user’s responsibility, to the system’s responsibility.  

Allowing trading system users to be able to directly access risk tools without consuming the overhead of a new vendor relationship and a costly integration project can accelerate adoption of new technologies to support a firms’ trading activities.

Earlier this month, we announced the signing of one of these projects with Trading Technologies.  The investment TT has made in our company, along with the distribution agreement signed, creates a very strong and steadfast relationship between the companies. I am proud to say I am working directly with combined teams from both companies who are working on launching some exciting products together.

We plan to announce the first of a series of new offerings at FIA’s Boca event in March 2022.  

The partnership with TT represents a huge step forward in KRM22’s growth.  Strategically we are following our announced roadmap to continuously develop partnerships which also serve the capital markets community. By creating an ecosystem that allows “frictionless” adoption of our risk management technology, we can expand our customer reach and give TT users access to the innovative solutions they are seeking without the overhead associated with on boarding new technology vendors.