Intelligence Led Risk Management

How to Link Operational Management Information (MI) to Strategic Delivery


July 12, 2021

“So what?” is a question that is not asked often enough in business. Operational data should present the full story of what is happening within a business and allow management to pinpoint any potential risk areas that need specific attention, however, this is often not the case and the data presented lacks context or is incomplete.

HR professionals are often asked by the Head of Risk or the Chief Operating Officer to report on operational issues such as:

  • Attrition rates of staff.
  • Employee Relations issues.
  • Staff survey data and current Net Promotor Score.
  • Number of staff who are off sick.
  • Number of staff who are on holiday.

This data is important in the understanding of operational effectiveness of an organisation, but it only really tells half the story. HR Directors also need to be able to manage their processes and functions such as Recruitment, Learning and Development, D&I, and all component parts of the Employee Lifecycle. The data they collect from these areas will enable them to manage budgets and react to risk. They also have responsibility for the people strategy, for the monitoring of the culture of the organisation, and reporting data to the ExCom.

To fully understand and make the link between operational effectiveness and strategic delivery, HR professionals need to ask the question “so what?” to ensure they are collecting useful and meaningful data:

  • What does the collected data tell us?
  • How does the information impact what we are trying to achieve as an organisation through our objectives, goals, and people strategy?
  • Based on the data, what are the risks to the delivery of the initiatives, objectives and strategic people and culture related goals?

By challenging the data, we can be much more proactive and less reactive to risk because we can make the link between operational MI and strategic delivery.

KRM22’s People and Culture Risk Cockpit (PCRC) enables HR professionals to link operational MI to the delivery of strategic goals and ensures intelligence led risk management. It ensures all risk is proactively managed and guarantees the information reported to ExCom results in proactive actions that mitigate risk and ensure strategic delivery.

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