Is It Time For A Culture Re-Boot?

Is Time For A Culture Re-Boot?


July 27, 2021

All over the world, organisations are starting to welcome employees to their new “post-Covid” work environment. These post-Covid environments will vary from company to company and while they may be the same or radically different from the office environment employees have been used to, the culture of the business will certainly feel different.  

It provides a great opportunity for senior leaders to do a culture “re-boot”, re-focusing their teams on the Vision, Mission Statement, Values and Strategy of the company.  

Aligning people to these critical components of organisational success brings clarity and focus.  It allows staff to better understand their purpose as well as how to interact and communicate with vendors, customers and colleagues. They will be able to clearly see how their role will help the organisation move closer to achieving its vision.

As a result, a new and more effective culture will emerge.

KRM22’s People and Culture Risk Cockpit (PCRC) is the perfect tool to help facilitate this type of “re-boot”. The system enables Human Resources professionals and the management team handle culture risks critical to supporting successful working environments.

It is an intelligence led system that aligns key data around risk to initiatives, key HR processes, objectives, and strategic goals.  If you like to know more about this unique application, please contact Chris Cherrington, our Head of People and Culture Risk (