Kickstarting My Career At KRM22

Kickstarting My Career At KRM22


May 28, 2021

Before taking an intern role at KRM22, I worked as a financial consultant in a number of large banks in London and Dublin. My role was in project management and reporting, working across many departments and teams including Market Data, Risk and Transaction Reporting. This was a good start, but my passion was elsewhere, in marketing.

To help fuel this passion I applied for an intern role in marketing at KRM22. I was not really sure what being an intern would mean. The exposure I had to interns at the banks I worked at were limited, but when I did see them, they mainly provided general office services like meeting setup and breakdown.

I am happy to report that in my short six months as an Intern, I have learned more about marketing than I could have learned in any classroom. Knowing marketing fundamentals and theory are needed to fully understand the function, but learning to adapt, react and overcome are key to being successful in a marketing role.

KRM22 has allowed me to access and learn about marketing techniques and software that I had never interacted with previously. The patience of my managers and the freedom to explore areas that interest me, has helped build my confidence and encouraged me to take on more complex tasks. I am proud of what I have achieved in my short time with the company, especially in areas such as social media management, customer communications and lead generation.

The company culture came as a shock to me, having worked in expansive companies in huge office buildings. Sightings of senior management were rare and speaking directly with them was unheard of. Although, I understand that is usually not the case in smaller companies, I was still genuinely surprised at how often I speak to top management. I am invited to discuss and offer opinion in meetings and my input is valued as much as all other employees; A team mate and colleague, not just an Intern!

I look forward to the next six months at KRM22 and completing my Masters in Digital Communications. The company culture, the opportunity for continuous learning and freedom to explore my own ideas are the main reasons I enjoy my Internship and I truly think it is a fantastic start to my career in marketing and at KRM22.