Kickstarting My Career At KRM22

Kickstarting My Career At KRM22


October 27, 2021

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Computer Science in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having already completed an industrial placement year at one of the Big Four accounting firms, I was keen to explore a new role in tech in a smaller company that could offer me a different range of opportunities for career growth.

KRM22 is a Fintech start up that helps capital markets companies reduce the complexity of risk management. The term ‘Fintech’ is the portmanteau of the words “finance” and “technology” used to refer to the emerging technologies that deliver financial services in easier or faster ways. Prior to the pandemic, Fintech adoption was already doubling globally every two years, spurring change and innovation across the financial services industry.

In the space of the COVID-19 crisis, digital transformations across other sectors have accelerated and digital literacy has improved with the adoption of many remote working and communication tools. These transformations have culminated with the viral spread of cashless societies, such as in Sweden, Finland and China, where there is a high level of smartphone adoption and mobile payment popularity. Trend analysis now predicts that the global Fintech industry will be worth $324 billion by 2026.

Since working at KRM22, I have experienced the fast pace of the Fintech industry mirrored in the rate at which our technology solutions evolve and develop. Whilst KRM22 is still in its early stages of growth, our extensive suite of products (across enterprise, market, compliance and operation domains) have already undergone a number of iterations and redesigns.

Throughout my internship, I have enjoyed working with our partner organisations and committed customers to help understand their evolving requirements and deliver effective changes to our software. As each of our products becomes perfected, it is satisfying to witness the full suite of products come together as one integrated and frictionless experience. Our CEO, Keith Todd, has over 40 years of experience leading global technology businesses. His expertise has given me invaluable insight into the management of start ups across each lifecycle stage and I look forward to the next stage at KRM22.