The Big Question

The Big Question


March 25, 2021

The question I often hear debated, what is the biggest issue that businesses face in the capital markets? Regulation? Cost? Low interest rates? Return on Capital, legacy systems infrastructure or access to reliable data? Well often, the answer is all of those!

We at KRM22 have a collection of products to address these issues. To reduce the cost and complexity of the provision of risk tools and as an important by-product, give visibility to the critical data that a business needs to run efficiently and optimize return on capital. We have built a data driven platform business. The Global Risk Platform (GRP) not only provides the tools to better manage functions within business but also provides a pathway, with options to release a firm from the ‘shackles’ of legacy systems.

Our integrated suite of functional risk and compliance tools augmented with our Risk Cockpit helps firms use risk to deliver alpha. Firms deal with less suppliers, spend less time integrating new modules and more time managing the business and optimizing returns.

I often get asked, where does one start? How many years will it take to address the issues?

It is amazing how often a ‘sticky plaster’ is put over problems or manpower is thrown at an issue instead of technology. The question of “how long?” is, in my view, the wrong question! Businesses, including technology, should be on a program of constant improvement. Technology and process improvements consistently need to provide benefit. Continuous improvement is a forever game.

The thought processes I share when asked the ‘how’ question is to step through four simple stages.

  • Know the reason to change, including a simple capture of benefits.
  • Have a view about the future and state you want to achieve but don’t get too tied up in the details as your ideas will evolve as you experience the benefits of being unshackled from the past.
  • Define an agile program plan with short deliverables, three or six month cycles.
  • Allocate time and resources and protect them from the daily distractions.

A useful metaphor that helps the ‘how’ thought process is to think about how a congested town resolves a horrendous traffic and environmental issue. They start by building a by-pass. In our industry terms, take the source data that drives legacy system and divert it, in parallel to the new world you are creating. At KRM22, we absorb your data into our data hub and make it available for a suite of our and our partners functional applications.

If your team is asking ‘how?’, the simple answer is to adopt the KRM22 Global Risk Platform.

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