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Integrated Risk Management

Integrate risk data, processes and accountabilities enterprise-wide to create a real-time enterprise risk profile which is aligned to your organisation's strategy and business plan. Ensure the aggregated level of risk is within clear risk appetite boundaries and risk information is available to enable a risk-based decision-making culture.

Risk Cockpit

Using the Risk Cockpit, Capital Market firms are able to get a real-time view of their enterprise risk profile based on an aggregation of risks from across all risk domains.

Key features

  • Integrated Risk Framework
  • Smart Registers
  • Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) process
  • Embedded ARCI Accountabilities
  • Risk Analytics
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Market Abuse

Keep up with the increasing scope and complexity of market abuse regulatory requirements. Build a comprehensive picture of all events with automated, real-time surveillance systems which streamline both transnational and communication data.

Market Surveillance

Market Surveillance provides insightful analytics and contextual surveillance to help Capital Markets firms identify and manage the potential risks of market abuse, fraud and operational breaches.

Key features

  • Comprehensive alert library
  • Alert selection and configuration
  • Case management and workflow
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