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Company Overview

About KRM22.

KRM22 helps capital markets companies reduce the cost and complexity of risk management – a fundamental challenge that erodes their profitability, and constrains opportunities to generate alpha.

Through the Global Risk Platform, KRM22 offers a modular application portfolio addressing risk management challenges across risk domains, covering market, regulatory, technology and operations risk, and across these domains as enterprise risk to assess, monitor and manage the increasing correlation between them.

Capital markets companies partner with KRM22 to optimize risk management systems and processes to improve profitability and expand opportunities to increase portfolio returns by successfully leveraging risk as alpha.

KRM22 is a public Group listed on AIM and headquartered in London, with offices in several of the world’s major financial centers.

Our Mission


KRM22’s mission is to build and deliver a Global Risk Platform (GRP), to bring increased visibility and lower cost risk management to capital market organisations.

Our Vision


Our vision is a world in which organisations operate at their optimal threshold of risk to drive increased returns.

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I'm interested in the Enterprise Risk Cockpit
I'd like to purchase enterprise licences for the Enterprise Risk Cockpit.