Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding provides Capital Market firms with the tools to make client onboarding as seamless as possible whilst allowing them to fulfil their regulatory obligations. Simplify the process and lower risk and cost by turning complex fragmented onboarding processes into simple digital forms.

Key features

Client account portal to facilitate the capture of required data

An intuitive UI for cross device, digital onboarding in person or remotely. Collect, identify and check large volumes of data without the use of manual forms to reuse again and streamline the process for clients.

Validation and screening of captured data

Utilise AML/KYC tools to integrate background checks and ID validation checks for screening purposes in addition to assessing client risk through APIs, rules-based engines and approval workflows. Features include customised AML risk scoring, proof of life and biometric matching and background checks across global external databases including LexusNexus.

Dashboards and workflow management

Manage a risk-based approach and report on your obligations in one dashboard for audit purposes.

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Latest features

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