Compliance Risk Cockpit

The Compliance Cockpit brings out-of-the-box compliance risk metrics covering market abuse, financial crime, individual accountability regime to other compliance obligations providing a 360 degree view of compliance risks. Address your overall compliance risk through real-time, meaningful management information, sourced from the entire compliance application suite.

Key features

Conduct risk management information

A holistic view of key conduct risks presented in smart customisable interactive dashboards through a single screen detecting high impact compliance events and potential risk as they unfold. The dashboard provides an accurate, real-time and complete view of compliance risks ensuring effective senior management oversight.

Consolidation of risk metrics

Define, capture, aggregate and monitor risk metrics across all areas of compliance with clear accountabilities assigned in accordance to individual accountability regime rules. Knowing critical risks first, respond with confidence and manage crises more effectively in your firm.

Compliance risk registers

Manage and perform your compliance obligations of continuous risk assessment through an enterprise-based solution. A centralised risk register allows Compliance to have a consolidated view of all risk metrics and take appropriate action.

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