Limit Management

Set trading system limits across all trading applications from a single input source and maintain an audit trail of activity. Intraday system reconciliations with ISV’s and exchanges ensure accuracy. Use the extensive reporting features for compliance and regulatory requirements.

Key features

Centralised access to trading limits for all accounts

Simplify the process. Access to limits from one application with connectivity to your trading front-ends. All information for accounts, exchanges and ISV’s maintained in one system in real-time. Control and consolidate your data entry.

API connectivity to leading ISV’s

Connectivity to industry leaders. Add efficiency to your trading support functions with API access to the ISV’s you know and trust.

Complete audit trail and history of limit requests, changes and rejections

Create the historical record. Satisfy internal reporting requirements as well as regulatory filings with an end-to-end archive of limit activity for your entire organisation across all ISV’s and Exchanges. Record keeping made simple.

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Find out more

Latest features

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