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We have established KRM22, as an Investing Company, with the long term view to provide a new generation ‘Global Risk Platform’ which will be software-as-a-service delivered (“SaaS”).

We have identified a clear opportunity to deliver significant improvements for our target customers through our underlying investments and by providing a suite of cost effective risk management tools.

Our strategy will see us invest in companies with clear, high quality, subject matter expertise as we seek to execute our investing policy.

The target and focus of our investment is risk: primarily risk in the Capital Markets which is currently poorly served by a fragmented supplier base and no one, real-time, SaaS enabled view of the true risks a business faces.

We start our journey with a strong pipeline of investment opportunities.

I am excited about the opportunity to lead a great team to deliver our vision and have been overwhelmed at the support we have had from investors, partners, prospects and our KRM22 team members.

Keith Todd CBE, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, April 2018

Keith Todd CBE speaks to Proactive Investors

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I'm interested in the Enterprise Risk Cockpit
I'd like to purchase enterprise licences for the Enterprise Risk Cockpit.