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access your all your risk apps via a single sign on, secure and intuitive platform


KRM22's GRP Technology

Transitioning from disconnected and unmanaged siloed applications, running on isolated legacy platforms to a unified cloud environment, organisations can take full benefit of our complete application framework that combines full data integration and platform-wide administration with configurable options and accelerated feature delivery. This translates into lower IT costs and increased agility for you.

Key features

  • Multi-application: we've built a single system of record allowing you to unlock synergistic value across applications
  • Rich integration support: we provide a complete end-to-end solution that offers you seamless integration with other hosted applications
  • Fully managed: we maintain the platform and application-specific data within the platform's data services layer ensuring seamless upgradability and portability to you


KRM22's GRP Integration

The Global Risk Platform brings together everything you need to manage your risk. Our out-of-the-box connectors streamline data access to our hosted applications, your on-premise systems and third party platforms. Alongside this, we can provide efficient support through our online support ticketing system, Zendesk and real time chat from Tawk.

Key features

  • Automated security: Move your data from on-premise systems to our platform using APIs and policies that ensure security and governance
  • Highly scaleable: The elastic and scalable platform provides the tools to easily handle the data processing and transaction peaks
  • Focus wins: Allows you to focus on your core business rather than technical ins-and-outs of your software infrastructure


KRM22's GRP Security

Key features

Security is built into the fabric of our cloud products and we employ numerous controls to safeguard your data including encryption in transit and at rest across our cloud services. Taking an holistic approach ensuring security and privacy by default and design through software development and industry-accepted operational and testing practices.

  • Granular access privileges to the data and services
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and IP-allowlisting
  • Session duration management
  • Audit log access


KRM22's GRP Community

Coming soon, we'll offer a regulated and secure place to engage and collaborate with your peers and partners.


KRM22's GRP Partners

Our trusted Partners offer a wide range of services, apps and integrations, training, and customised solutions to extend the power of KRM22 products.

Solution partners: provide advanced KRM22 product knowledge, product configuration expertise, and customised solutions and  implementation services

App partners: provide apps and integrations available for purchase on the Global Risk Platform App Store that extend the power of the KRM22 proposition