Health check your Total Risk Cost.

Reducing your total risk cost begins with a deep dive into the systems used and associated cost.

KRM22 Diagnostics provides a comprehensive assessment of your firm’s entire Risk Management regime, including its systems, staff, infrastructure, data, consultants and other areas that contribute to its total risk cost.  Once determined, KRM22 Diagnostics identifies optimization and cost reduction opportunities and implementation strategies to realise those benefits.

Identifying all the costs related to risk management is challenging. Making sure all the bases are covered is even harder. Measuring yourself against your peers is virtually impossible. Most firms have been so focused on compliance and risk mitigation that they have not had the time or resources to examine and optimise costs.

KRM22 Diagnostics will include an online tool that enables firms to drill down into their total risk cost, based on predefined criteria and metrics.  In combination with KRM22 risk management subject matter experts, it provides a comprehensive view of your firm’s risk management regime, its costs, and strategies for reducing them.

Simple yet comprehensive reports will illustrate your firms’ risk profile, and benchmark it against industry peers in terms of costs and service gaps.  Armed with this knowledge, firms can both lower near-term costs, and make better informed decisions as risk management requirements and technologies change.



  • The diagnostic tool guides you through the assessment process at your own pace
  • KRM22 risk management experts interview key personnel and recommend optimisation strategies


  • Consolidated central view of your firm’s risk management regime
  • High-level reports quickly convey the firm’s risk management systems and controls


  • Diagnostics will allow you to benchmark your firm’s cost and approaches against industry peers


  • CONFIRM EXISTING SUSPICIONS: Diagnostics allows firms to confirm and act upon existing suspicions regarding their total risk cost being higher than it should be
  • PAYS FOR ITSELF: Diagnostics is designed to give you clear visibility into your total risk cost to uncover realisable cost saving opportunities
  • PARTNERSHIP: KRM22 is a trusted advisor that will help you navigate your cost saving opportunities

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I'm interested in the Enterprise Risk Cockpit
I'd like to purchase enterprise licences for the Enterprise Risk Cockpit.