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The Senior Manager & Certification Regime was introduced in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to address widespread public concern around the accountability and conduct of individuals involved in the 2008 financial crisis.

Our SMCR Training Programme helps FCA regulated firms address the mandatory training requirement by ensuring individuals understand the new conduct rules, personal liability and their obligations to SMCR.

Delivered through an online training portal, our on-demand courses can be completed by individuals at a time which suits them.

Simple and interactive training
delivered through on-demand videos and handbooks

Examinations and certificates
to easily provide training records to regulators

Centralised record management
to track which individuals have completed and passed courses


Designed by experts
with experience in financial derivatives and commodities

Training programme overview

Delivered through four on-demand courses, our SMCR training programme is designed to ensure your team understands the new conduct rules, personal liability, and their obligations.


Background and scope
Duration: 45 minutes

Understand the basics of SMCR, why it was introduced, and what the objectives are.


Certification Regime
Duration: 45 minutes

Learn about the basics of the certification regime, to whom this applies, the role firms have in implementing this, and how to organise this.


Conduct rules
Duration: 45 minutes

Gain a deeper understanding of the Conduct Rules, including the types and which professionals these apply to.


Senior Managers Regime
Duration: 45 minutes

Find out which Senior Manager Functions are defined, and learn what is meant by Regulator Approval, Prescribed Responsibilities, Statements of Responsibilities, and the Responsibilities Map.


All prices shown are exclusive of VAT. Prices include on-demand access to course materials for 12 months. Payment can be made securely by credit card or invoice through your Global Risk Platform account.

Individual training programme subscription

Individual training programme subscriptions provide access to one Market Abuse Centre training programme: SMCR Training OR Market Abuse Training OR Financial Crime Training.

SMCR Training

per user per year

Market Abuse Centre PREMIUM subscription

The Market Abuse Centre PREMIUM subscription provides access to all Market Abuse Centre training programmes: SMCR Training AND Market Abuse Training AND Financial Crime Training, and includes supplementary 1-minute micro-learning videos which provide further context and explanations of terminology used within conduct regulations.


Cost per additional user


Users : 1
Courses : Unlimited
Cost per additional user: £1,200


Users : 25
Courses : Unlimited
Cost per additional user: £700


Users : 50
Courses : Unlimited
Cost per additional user: £520


Users : 100
Courses : Unlimited
Cost per additional user: £350


Users : 200
Courses : Unlimited
Cost per additional user: £260

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SMCR Training and further Market Abuse Centre courses are available through the Global Risk Platform


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